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Where can I purchase your products?

Today we have hundreds of retailers all over the world, both e-retailers and phisical stores. You can find your nearest retailer here, please choose country and/or city and all retailers in your area available will be displayed.

Do you sell spare parts and where to purchase?

Please contact your nearest retailer, and they will put order in the system, and the spare part will be delivered to same retailer.

How do I find a product applicable (that fits) to my car model?

Please visit our FitGuide  and fill in all required data about your car. All fitments that match your car will be displayed.

Why can't I find my car model in FitGuide?

All listed cars in the FitGuide are the ones that we have tested with our products and that have been approved by our engineers. If the search result is empty that means that we do not have solution for the car model that you have searched for.

Which products needs to be matched to specific car model?

In our product portfolio only carspecifik products are roof racks and some of bike carriers. To find perfect fitment for your car please visit FitGuide.

How do I know what roof type my car has?

What is Mont Blanc's policy concerning the warranty for the products?

We offer 5 years warranty for all our roof racks. To find out more about please follow the link: montblancgroup.com/en/about-us/safety-sustainability-and-quality

I have purchased the pre-used product, can warranty be transferred to me?

Yes, you can as long you have a receipt and if time for warranty is valid.