A car is more than a means of transportation. It is a part of a modern lifestyle and consumers expect it to share their values, express their identity and support daily life. Equipment such as roof bars and bike carriers bring added value to the extended offer and help the car brand fulfil its promises.

With half a century in the rearview mirror, Mont Blanc understands the automotive industry and car consumers in detail. We have fine-tuned our design and development process and consistently improved production. The result is an agile development team with the same strong skills in construction and production as in after market service.

Today we work together with some of the leading Asian and European car brands, equipping them with premium roof racks, perfectly fitted to each model. In Mont Blanc they find more than just an original equipment manufacturer they find a partner and co-developer for their next generation of vehicles.

Safety, sustainability and quality are core values to us, and all our products are tested and certified according to industry standards.

To learn more about our OEM offer, please contact info@montblancgroup.com

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Safety, Sustainability and Quality

To us, safety, sustainability and quality are not just words. They are values that permeate our entire organisation and influence all our actions. The result of our efforts is expressed in every single product and proven by ISO certificates for quality and environment.

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