AMC aluminium roof bar 124

- Pair of aluminium roof bars with T-tracks -T-tracks allow accessories such as roof boxes, bike carriers, ski carriers etc. to be slid into place and the full length of the bar can be used to mount multiple accessories. -Compatible with most brands of roof boxes, cycle carriers and other roof bar accessories with T -track fittings -Formerly: AMC

Technische Daten

Farbe Silber
Artikel 241270
Garantie 5 Jahre
Werkzeug ist erforderlich
Verpackungsgrösse (mm) 110x40x1315
Traversenlänge (cm) 125
City crash tested
Traversentyp Aerodynamic
Traversendurchmesser (mm) 49x28
Maximale Zuladung (kg) 75
Material Aluminium
Leergewicht (kg) 244


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